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July 05, 2022

Will You Really Save Money With A Security System In Orlando?

According to the goals you have in mind, you can design your home security for standard alarms and cameras, fire protection, automation, and around-the-clock monitoring. The only catch is that there's a charge every month for the service.

But is it possible to save money with a home security system in Orlando? The answer is yes! Save on energy costs with home automation and with possible premium discounts on home insurance. And don't forget how much you'll save by not becoming another home invasion victim.

Save Money With Home Automation

One of the best methods to save money with a home security system in Orlando is to use automation. Components like smart light bulbs, garage door sensors, and smart thermostats let your home become a lot more energy-efficient. The following are a few ways you are able to save on your utility bills by using automation:

● Program schedules so your thermostat turns down and your lighting dim when you go to bed.

● Get notifications to your smartphone when you left for work with the garage wide open. Then shut it from wherever you are to keep your home safe.

● Use geofencing to lower the thermostat, engage smart locks, and deactivate your smart bulbs as you exit the premises.

If you use home automation and your mobile security app, you have the potential to save up to 10-15% on energy costs each year. Of course, you will feel safer as well.

Save With Discounts on Home Insurance

Getting a discount on your home insurance isn’t likely to be the primary reason for installing a home security system, but it sure is a nice perk. Numerous insurance companies are inclined to reward your efforts in enhancing the safety of your home. Even though the amount of savings will vary depending on the insurer and plan, you might get a premium reduction for what could be considered small enhancements.

Even though you could receive a deduction for items like deadbolts and smoke detectors, you stand to be given a more noticeable price cut if you have a state-of-the-art security system. Smart door locks, monitored smoke and CO detectors, and video cameras, are seen in a favorable light by insurance companies. Additionally, 24-hour monitoring is particularly significant, as it means that a security specialist will be standing by at all times to respond to your emergency -- even if you’re not around.

Save Money With Your Orlando Security System By Preventing Break-Ins

The last benefit can be harder to put an exact value on. Nevertheless, the expense of implementing home security might not seem like much when compared to the expense you have after an intrusion. Many burglars won't even attempt to break into a residence with ADT signage and window decals. Instead, they'll opt to hit a more suitable target.

Averting a home intrusion may save you the financial setback from property damage and stolen items. This burden may fluctuate from thousands of dollars to an abundance of inconvenience and frustration. Additionally, if you utilize smart safety components like smoke and water sensors, you can prevent other common property catastrophes. Your around-the-clock monitoring team will answer all types of problems swiftly and have a better chance of getting emergency services to your door before things get out of control.

Equip Your Property With A Modern Home Security System Today

A properly configured home security system offers a sense of protection. But they can also save you money on utility expenses and more. To customize your own home security system, contact us at (407) 789-2352 or submit the following form.